Tuesday, December 18, 2007

उत्तराखण्ड ने अब ठानी है, सिर्फ गैरसैंण राजधानी है..!

No Need To Take The Capital To Gairsain

The real struggle is far from over. I have no faith in our present leaders, as I feel hurt with the way they have been behaving. If someone from the UKD or the Congress wants to really help Uttaranchal people, he or she must behave in a sensible and responsible manner... and must come forward with new and innovative ideas for the development and people’s participation in the development work. Right now, the people of Uttaranchal have lost zeal to participate in the community affairs. I have never seen such bad conditions of villages and especially the whole community…I hope you can try to make public opinion to put pressure on our leadership to act and to take timely actions in this regard. Looking forward for articles on public movements and community life of the hills from time to time. This will be of great value to those doing community work in remote areas of Uttaranchal.
As regards Suresh Nautiyal’s article regarding shift of state capital of Uttaranchal to Gairsain, I am not convinced with his idea that people of the new state want to shift from Dehradun to Gairsain. I have visited Garhwal for nearly three or four times after creation of Uttaranchal state and people are so much fed up with the government machinery as well as with the behaviour of state leaders that they are wondering if they can really deliver.
It is true for each and every party. The UKD, which claims to be representative of The Uttaranchali people, is a party of desperate leaders and they have lost all the relevance in the present context. What I think is that shifting the state capital to Gairsain will be a big mistake. Dehradun being near to Delhi and well connected to every part of the country is a suitable place. Also, Dehradun is a cultural hub of Uttaranchal and will become a true cosmopolitan city. Representing people from all walks of life. Gairsain does not provide any such advantage and it will be just wastage of resources to take capital there.

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